Comprehensive Marketing Support Services for Small to Midsized Businesses, NonProfits, Candidates, and Organizations.


We have worked successfully with hundreds of different types of clients through our years. Professional sports teams, membership groups, Fortune 500 companies, solo entrepreneurs, authors, bakers and everything in between. So, the long answer is no. We work with political entities, lawyers/law firms, physicians and practices, restaurants, real estate firms, construction, industrial, home improvement, funeral, UFOs and more. We specialize in creating custom programs designed specifically to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. This broad and diverse experience gives us a unique advantage over cookie cutter, one size fits all, off the shelf solutions offered by many other organizations. 

No. We work with our clients to provide very exact work based on their needs. And, as the needs change, our firm is able to continue to provide the other services as necessary for the continued improvement and growth of our clientele. 

In almost all cases, no. However, there are some highly specialized needs a client may require where we need to subcontract a specialist. That said, any type of subcontracting would be seamless to a client. For example, we are not a printer. However, we would design, layout and print your materials with one of our printing partners. 

No. Although we have a number of clients that have been with us for more than a decade, we do not require long term contracts. Our retainer clients are renewed annually, and project clients and campaign clients are provided scope authorizations on a case by case basis. We have no minimum contract or project fee. If you need something very simple, that's just fine. If it's multi-faceted and highly complex, that's fine, too! 

In some cases, yes, but those are for large, long term campaigns that entail a number of moving parts and upfront investments. In most cases, a simple scope document is provided that lays out the expected cost of a project or campaign, and clients are simply asked to authorize that specific scope of work. If any cost changes do occur, we confer with the client prior for their authorization -- the same as a work order with a contractor, for example. 

We can bill our clients in a number of ways that make the most sense to both parties. Some clients prefer a monthly retainer, some prefer to be billed hourly, and others after the completion of a project. Whatever works best for both parties, we'll work with you on making the billing process simple and efficient. 

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