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Welcome! We are an award winning marketing services firm that specializes in providing our services to small and midsized businesses, non profits, and political candidates. We provide comprehensive marketing services including digital marketing, analytics, social media execution, planning & strategy, logo and branding, print materials design, website development and management, content development, graphic design, public relations, email marketing and more. 

Our decades of proven successes and processes provide our clients with a unique advantage. We objectively work to spot areas of growth and improvement and craft customized plans to achieve success. We'll bring to your organization more positive visibility, more leads and traffic, and be an integral part in the growth and sustainability of your business.

And, we work with you throughout the entire process to stay on track. Think of us like a combination of “CMO + support staff” to get you on track, get the work done, and keep it going -- all at a fraction of the cost of hiring in house.

Whether trying to win an election, launch a new product or service, better communicate and grow your business, prepare for M&A or transition, we’re here to help -- for small businesses that want to make BIG impressions. 

How Do We Help?

Our firm has worked successfully for clients in a variety of different industries, in varied capacities and with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes – from Fortune 100 to start up, mom and pop to well-known business, political novices to long time stars. You have seen our work with clients in the financial and banking industry, real estate, technology, restaurant, retail, home improvement services, professional services, legal and more. 

We can manage your social media campaigns, provide digital marketing and advertising execution throughout the digital universe, provide deep insights through our analytics and reporting and so much more. We can take on projects such as redesigning and reimagining collateral items or development of a new website. Perhaps you need an ad designed or some content developed. 

We are also experts in crisis communications, and businesses, law firms and organizations rely upon us to manage these. We provide competitive intel and research, as well as an audit of your communications to identify areas of improvement. 

Who Do We Help

We provide services to clients throughout the country and of course, locally and regionally from our offices in Greater Cleveland. We specialize in helping small and family owned businesses, professional services businesses, non profit & membership driven entities, politician and issue campaigns, product and entertainment entities. We are experts in B2B, manufacturing/construction, real estate, financial, restaurant and home services marketing. 

Small & Mid Sized Business

While we have successfully served businesses of a variety of shapes, types and sizes throughout the country and across town, we have found that our best clients are SMBs that are either just starting out or starting to experience growth challenges, or getting ready to transition leadership. Our work with SMBs, both from start up phase to phasing out is well known throughout the local and national business community – earning us numerous awards for excellence. We serve law firms, accounting firms, physician and healthcare practices, restaurants, and product based businesses to name but a few.

Political Endeavor

Whether a candidate, issue or levy, our proven programs can take any political entity through the entire process of a campaign. From budgeting to timing, project management and messaging, and all the nuts and bolts in between – including branding, website, event support, social media support, advertising and more – our expert team will guide you right through to voting day. In working with a political endeavor, we only provide services to local, regional and Ohio statewide candidates and issues. We must also align with you as a candidate or issue – so as to be genuine to you and your campaign – know that we will not work with campaigns that are contrary to our beliefs, ensuring that you have a dedicated team that is wholeheartedly behind your success.

Organization & Non Profits

We pride ourselves on being a very pragmatic expert team – we have no other agenda other than to see you succeed. We have worked with hundreds of non profit and other organizations to help them streamline and strengthen their offerings and operations, increase membership, donations, volunteers and donors – and better communicate overall all the great things the organization does throughout the country or community.

Lorain County Podcast

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Our Clients

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Ria Davidson
Jan 24, 2022

Eisen Agency has been kind and generous in supporting the USO of Central and Southern Ohio. We are pleased with the work they have been doing for us!

Sherry Ems
Jan 24, 2022

Rodger's skills as a public relations guru are second to none. He directs his team with clear vision and strategic executions. Rodger provides our company with excellent support and coordination of projects and events. I recommend Rodger and his team to any company for successful public relations initiatives.

Lacy Robinson
Jan 24, 2022


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27 February 2024

27 February


Communication and follow up efficiently. Absolutely kind and courteous.

Brad Pavella

27 February 2024

27 February


Rodger is a highly skilled communicator and writer. He took the utmost time and consideration to craft an engaging and thoughtful article about our business. He...
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