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No Down Time (Vacations, Sick Days)

No Down Time (Vacations, Sick Days)

When you hire in house, the average person will work approximately 2 – 3 hours per 8 hour day on actual work related tasks. Over the course of a 365 day year, the average worker will only work about 220 days. So, you can see quickly that the “annual salary” is not particularly good nomenclature. You’re paying a full salary + benefits for someone working approximately 900 hours/year. And, when they’re off, who is getting that work completed?

With an agency, you only pay for the hours being worked either as part of a retainer or hourly fee depending on the agency structure. When nothing needs done, there’s no billing. When work needs to ramp up, it increases – you only pay for the labor you need and the team involved in the work. When one person at the agency goes on vacation, there is no interruption in service because the rest of the agency continues to operate as most agencies have several folks that are involved on accounts so they can be properly staffed and running at all times. That is also a challenge with freelancers and solo practitioners who have time off, Timmy’s baseball game and Tiffany’s ballet recital.

One of the best reasons to have agency representation is you’ll never have to hear the “sick call” from a marketing employee – you know, that call in the morning to HR where they can barely speak because they “caught a cold.” Businesses lose millions of dollars in productivity due to employee “illness,” and not that you have to be Scrooge where you doubt illness or don’t allow vacations, but with agency, you’ll never have to worry about it.

Call the agency (or in my agency’s case, we’ll be proactive and come to you) and they’ll get the task done. No complaints. No “I’m sick.” Nothing, just getting work done when you need it. At less cost, too.

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